Experiment: 16mm Painted Film

I found some Experimental Painted films over the internet which are really inspiring. These films are made with 16mm film stock, newspaper or magazine collages & hand painted. I’ve categorized these films into two. 16mm magazine transfer film &¬†16mm painted film.

16mm magazine transfer film

A 16MM experimental film using magazine transfer. It’s the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine vs. Rolling Stone April 2011. At the end they duel for who is more attractive. The music is “So Let us Create” by Jukebox the Ghost.

So Let Us Create: {pulp free}, Experimental Film By Susie Shircliff

16mm Magazine Transfer Exercise

Students started with 16mm clear leader film and stuck strips of clear packaging tape that had absorbed the ink from magazines and newspapers.

16mm painted film.

Rites by InterfaceArts

This film created “Film-Digital-Film” (35MM Class) at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia is a cameraless animation, hand-made directly on 35mm film-stock. The film was featured in the 2006 Philadelphia International Film Festival. It was edited by Eric Rusiski & Jim Romaine. The Music is by Vivaldi.

The Longest hand painted film in britain by KEC Nuneaton

Students took part in producing frames for a hand painted film. The aim of the project was to produce 873 miles of film, making it the longest hand painted film in britain. Covering the distance from Lands End to John O’Groats. Each frame is handpainted by students.


16mm Painted Film

This is a film the artist did for a class. He used paint and markers on clear 16mm leader.

All done and edited by hand. Was Digitized to be able to add music and credits. The song is Carnival by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

Final Countdown 16mm film experimental

This is an experimental film the artist made on 16mm film. It’s called The Final Countdown and is basically almost all the countdowns from the 16mm films the artist have.